Client Testimonials

" Stephen shows a genuine interest in getting the best from his clients.  He is knowledgeable, supportive and encouraging.  His PT sessions are really enjoyable and the results for me have been more than expected" Joanne Boyle.

" I booked in with Stephen as I had a sharp pain in my neck.  He was very professional and took time to understand the condition and also explain his treatment.  He got to the root of the problem and also gave me exercises to do.  I would highly recommend him" Nicole Harold.

"If you are looking for a personal trainer, look no further than Stephen at Kinetic Fit. Stephen has a great, gently motivating, but very encouraging style and is always very pleasant to work with. He is non-judgemental and encouraging to move on if you haven't had a good week. The time flies by. He has a good range of equipment and is flexible and accommodating. His knowledge of the field is thorough, having worked in the area for many years and he is always patient. His studio has the advantage of privacy if you don't want to train in front of a gym full of people. He is focused on the client to get the best results from what they put in. I highly recommend his services" Lara.

" When I made an appointment with Kinetic Fit for a sports massage I had been in pain for some time and thought it was something I had to live with, but after just three appointments the pain had improved significantly, and the exercises are helping me build up the strength in my arm again.  The brilliant professional service they provide is just fantastic and I am delighted I made that first appointment.  I highly recommend Kinetic Fit.!"  Tricia Matthews.

"I would highly recommend Kinetic Fit, I outlined to Stephen my pains and discomfort. It was great to have a professional not only alleviate the issues but to guide me through the process and explain why these issues were occurring in the first place.  A professional high-quality well-educated sports massage therapist" Brandon Farrelly

" Highly recommend Steve, after my chair massage I felt revived- really worked on my upper body muscles.  Body feels mended and refreshed. Very professional and knowledgeable" Melanie Kenny

"Thanks to Steve it was the first time my body changed for the better in my life. It was the first time i realised that it was about making a choice. The personal attention, knowledge and dedication is second to none.  I achieved far more than i though i could. I would highly recommend" Sinead Casey

"Highly recommended... Steve has over 30 years' experience in the fitness industry and has knowledge beyond books, all self- tested and self-experimental" Alan Kelly